September 27, 2019 @ 10:00 am – 11:00 am
New Geneva Library
222 Harrell Street
VA 24522
Jane Raymond
(434) 352-2667

New semester of fun and learning will officially begin on Friday, October 4th.

Today is the “Orientation Day”.
This shorter day will allow your children get a feel for New Geneva and the things being offered here!

Teachers will explain a bit about what will be taught throughout the year.
Today’s classes will only be about 10 minutes long.

The schedule for today is as follows:
(For yearly time schedule and more information about the classes being planned at New Geneva,, please see next week’s calendar information)

10:00-10:10 – “Hello”, announcements, prayer
10:15-10:25 – Music Time
10:30-10:40 – Arts, Crafts, Trades
10:45-10:55 – Special Surprise Class

More will be explained at the Orientation Day and on next week’s calendar.
Generally, each month will include 3 weeks of classes with the 4th week to highlight a field day trip.

1st semester: October-1st week of December (off for Thanksgiving weekend)
2nd semester: February-May

Cost for participation in this program: $20/semester ($40/year)
Contact: 434-352-2667 or Jane Raymond: artshouldmatter@gmail.com