Inspiring learning and scholarship

The New Geneva Research Library is housed at the New Geneva Education Center. The library offers hi-speed internet, and houses over 8,000 books, periodicals, DvDs, and a treasure of primary-sourced documents (in micro-print format) which date from early 1600s through pre-Civil War. The library also has a special area for home-educators with curricula and hands-on materials, which is a great help when stretching the budget.

The New Geneva Research Library is also unique in that, while offering the many items listed above, it is an inspiration to learning. The atmosphere lends itself to quiet contemplation and study with its traditional décor and lighting and a number of private areas and rooms to allow the student to spend time absorbing what they are learning.

Membership to the library is $25.00 per year, and families are $40.00 per year. The library membership also allows for a free regular cup of coffee, as well as a 10% discount for any new book purchased from our book store.

“I believe that every city, county, town, and/or village should have a Biblically sound theological library available for its citizens, for those with a thirst for truth.” Rev. Dr. Paul Michael Raymond, MA. Th.D.- founder & dean of New Geneva Christian Leadership Academy,