The New Geneva Christian Leadership Academy

Building cultural leaders for the Kingdon

The New Geneva Educational Center houses the core operation of the New Geneva Christian Leadership Academy (NGCLA), a correspondence college.

NGCLA adheres to the Scriptural mandate that every aspect of life is structured and lived out according to either a humanistic or Theistic belief system. New Geneva’s mentoring and training programs guide each student how to apply Biblical Law and Scriptural solutions to the cultural problems of the day.

For some students, NGCLA is a prep school: firmly & systematically preparing their hearts and minds for the onslaught of anti-Christian rhetoric and propaganda they are sure to encounter wherever they ultimately go. For others, New Geneva will be their primary college-level education, preparing them for life’s challenges with solid Biblical principles applied to their respective fields of study.

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The New Geneva Christian Leadership Academy is recognized by the Virginia State Council of Higher Education (SCHEV) as an Undergraduate College, a Graduate School, and a Christian Seminary conferring MACS, MAR, M.Div and Th.D. degrees of study. New Geneva is a religious ministry of the Institute for Theonomic Reformation and the Reformed Bible Church in Central Virginia, and is exempt from state regulation and oversight in the Commonwealth of Virginia.