Make New Geneva’s Facilities Your Next Meeting Place

The New Geneva Education Center provides rooms for groups and organizations to meet in. Each room is conducive to privacy and hi-speed internet access, with different arrangements of tables and chairs depending upon the area used. A group may be as small as two or three people, or as large as 50. The New Geneva Education Center can provide a small intimate setting, power point setup, a podium with external monitors, or even live internet streaming if needed. Any group using the New Geneva facility for meetings has access to the coffee shop located in the building. The coffee shop is open for business whenever the facility is being used. Generally, New Geneva does not charge fees to groups using the rooms, however, fees will be added when occupying certain rooms after a set time of use, as indicated below:

  • Six meeting and study rooms to choose from
  • Accomodations up to 50 people
  • Wifi
  • Screens for powerpoint/video presentations
  • Speakers for conference calls
  • Academic Cafe

What Each Room Has To Offer

Every room in the New Geneva Library is fit to meet a variety of needs. Do you need a small, intimate group setting for four of five with no need for a power-point setup? We suggest the Edinburough or Oxford Study Rooms. Giving a lecture? We suggest Westminster Hall, set up with a large podium and external monitors suitable for power-point presentations. Does your group need accommodations for up to 50? Try the Geneva Hall, complete with a large podium and live internet streaming capabilities. There are a total of six meeting rooms in Geneva's accommodations. Scroll down for a more detailed description of what each has to offer.

IMG_20180206_145840288 (1)

Rutherford Room

Seats up to 6. Room size 12’x15′

IMG_20180206_150951146 (1)

Westminster Lecture Hall

Seats up to 6. Room size approximately 12’x15′


Cambridge Conference Room

Seats up to 10. Room is approximately 33'x24'


Geneva Hall

Seats up to 50 people. Approximately #'x#'


Oxford Study Room

Seats up to 6. Room size 12'x15'


Edinburough Study Room

Seats up to 6. Room size approximately 12'x15'


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